Midnight Sun ATV Safari

See the midnight sun at the North Cape

Watching the midnight sun kiss the horizon while standing on the North Cape is on the bucket list of anyone visiting the northernmost region of Europe. Destination 71 degrees North can offer you an exciting ATV ride over Magerøya, where you get to experience the Arctic landscape in a more adventurous way.

At the northernmost tip of Norway, where the sun never sets for over 2 months in summer, lies the iconic North Cape. As one of the most epic places to see the Northern Lights in winter or midnight sun in summer, this famous landmark attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Exciting experiences for young and old

Since most of these guests arrive by public transport or their own vehicle, we want to offer you the opportunity to explore the island and the North Cape cliff in a completely different way. On one of our ATVs, we can take you on an exciting adventure from the center of Honningsvåg, over the mountains and all the way to the North Cape.

Guided tour

After arriving at our experience centre, you will be provided with the necessary safety equipment, including a suit, helmet and gloves. Your guide will explain in detail how to operate an ATV before leaving the center of Honningsvåg and starting your trip into the Arctic mountain landscape. We will make several photo stops along the way, and we will cross Magerøya to the northernmost point, North Cape.
After the classic photos from the iconic North Cape globe, you will be given a guided tour around the area and we will tell you everything you may want to know about this historic landmark. You can also take the time to explore on your own. The visitor centre boasts a panoramic cinema, a coffee shop, plenty of information about the history of the North Cape and a souvenir shop.

Once you've had plenty of time to relax and visit the facilities, it's time to get on the ATVs and once again cross the mountain plateau on your way back to Honningsvåg.

Remember to bring your driver's license! All drivers must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver's license.